Welcome to the next exciting chapter for Canny Legal

Canny Legal is honoured to be entrusted with the Hill Perkins & Co practice following the retirement of director, David Perkins.

Since 1993, David has led the Hill Perkins & Co team, providing professional and friendly support and advice to families and individuals throughout the Geelong region and beyond.

With his legal practice, staff and clients in mind, David approached Mandy, Krys and Richard to gauge our interest in taking on this responsibility.

Richard Pinkstone and David Perkins shaking hands in the Hill Perkins & Co office

Canny Group has worked with David professionally over the years, during which he identified many commonalities between the two firms. Both are long-established businesses in the Geelong community, however, it is not just their shared longevity that appealed to David.

We share a mutual commitment to helping clients during the happy and challenging times of their lives. Like Hill Perkins & Co, the Canny Legal door is always open with qualified staff ready to listen and support clients whenever they need assistance.

The practice, known as Canny Legal incorporating Hill Perkins & Co is now under Canny Group’s service arm Canny Legal and operates from our new premises at the Federal Mills business precinct, E3 Federal Mills Park, 33 Mackey Street, North Geelong.  Under the leadership of Canny Legal’s Principal Solicitor, Richard Pinkstone and Stefan Manche.

We look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead.

Your Key Contacts
Legal Team
Richard Pinkstone – Principal Solicitor
Stefan Manche – Senior Associate Solicitor
Katherine Taylor – Solicitor
Kayla Kennedy – Solicitor
Erin Launer – Legal Administration Assistant


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