Good advice when money matters.

Money is completely intertwined with life, good money management starts with your financial attitude. We make financial decisions on a daily basis and more importantly of varying significance. Money has the ultimate power of affecting pretty much everything and anything we do and feel. While the saying goes ‘money can’t buy you happiness’, most of us could probably reel off a few buts in less than ten-seconds.

What is Money Management?

Money issues can be serious. It is the leading cause of stress and relationship breakdowns.

While sometimes in life the unexpected happens and we find ourselves on our knees. If you’re in a situation where bills are going unpaid and credit cards are maxed out or worse, it might suggest you could benefit from some help with money management.

Because money does impact so many elements of our lives, creating and maintaining a budget is fundamental to good money management. Keeping track of exactly what money is coming in. What’s going out and just as important, where it’s going will give you a quick indication as to whether you are living within or beyond your means.

Why would I need a financial advisor for assistance?

There is a preconceived idea that financial advisors are only for the wealthy. However, a financial advisor can actually benefit anyone. Consider them a money mentor or tutor. Your financial advisor can be there to help you find a way out of an expensive lesson or create strategies to achieve big financial goals.

Seeking input can guide you to establish clear financial goals. Along with understanding the best approach and a timeframe to achieve them. A financial advisor may also provide insight to additional opportunities you hadn’t considered before.

When should I engage with a financial advisor for help?

If you’re struggling with debt, wanting to managing your money by learning to budget better or just wanting to highlight opportunities within your finances. A financial advisor is the perfect person to turn to.

Money management doesn’t simply include better budgeting with what you have. It includes overhauling your finances and looking at your bigger picture. This prompts conversation about your expenses and making sure you have the right protection in place.

How do I get support with Money Management?

Regardless of your situation, if you want to take control of your finances or have some guidance on achieving financial goals. Such as buying a home or starting an investment portfolio. A financial advisor can be beneficial.

We would start by discussing the fundamentals of money management with you. As well as outlining the financial goals you would like to achieve. We can explain strategies and help you put a plan in place. We also have access to tools that can show projections once a plan has been put in place.