Succession Planning l Designing Your Exit + Leaving Your Business On Your Terms.

Succession Planning is designing your exit from you business.  It is an in-depth process and personalised design for the transition and to identifying the right time and most importantly, the right way to exit from your business.  It provides a way to determine what skills are needed, what people are available to fill the roles and also, what the timeline is.

Succession Planning gives you, as a business owner the chance to consider lifestyle, health, financial position, disposal or transfer of assets, changes to business structures and estate matters.

It can be broken down into three main elements:

  1. ESTATE PLANNING // transfer of ownership of family or individual assets
  2. RETIREMENT PLANNING // transition of labour and management
  3. BUSINESS TRANSITION // transfer of control of the business

When it comes to your business, our team are here to ensure that the business you have built is passed to the next generation in the best shape and in the most tax-effective manner.  We are entrusted by our clients who run family businesses to provide direction and guidance on matters such as; management, ownership transfer, risk, tax and personal considerations during this important transition.

Succession planning questions to ask yourself include; when do you plan to leave?  Are there investors?  Will you hand over the business to family?  Or will you sell?  Leaving your business on your terms is what we aim to achieve when putting a succession plan in place.

Our Accounting, Legal and Advisory team work collectively to coordinate a seamless handover to the next generation.  Upon your exit, a well planned business succession will have your business running at its optimum.

We have had great experience in managing the succession for many of our long standing clients and their businesses.  Putting a plan in place gives you something to work toward and makes it easier to achieve your goals.  It also allows us to make the most of all opportunities available to you.  Keeping you in complete control right until the end.