Leaving your business on your terms.

Succession Planning is process of designing your exit from your business and is something we consider right at the beginning. It’s important to consider this as it may affect the legal structure we find most appropriate for your business.

Succession planning questions to ask yourself include; when do you plan to leave? Are there investors? Will you hand over the business to family? Or will you sell? Leaving your business on your terms is what we aim to achieve when putting a succession plan in place. We do this in consultation with you and our Legal and Advisory teams.

Upon your exit, a well planned business succession will have your business running at its optimum. With the right strategies implemented it may also leave you with no tax to pay.

When the time to leave your business is nearing, we will review your legal structure. We will look at additional ways to improve cashflow and profitability. Then coordinate a seamless handover to the next generation. Or ensure you are able to get the best outcome at sale.

We have had great experience in managing the succession for many of our long standing clients and their businesses. Putting a plan in place gives you something to work toward and makes it easier to achieve your goals. It also allows us to make the most of all opportunities available to you. Keeping you in complete control right until the end.