Congratulations Helen Yau! It’s well known that we enjoy a chance to celebrate a special occasion at Canny Group, but it’s not everyday you have someone celebrating a 15 year work anniversary.
Helen laughs as she recalls her first day on the job when Stan Canny welcomed her to the firm and said, “you will never leave, you will be here forever!” While at first Helen says she thought that was a little strange, it wasn’t long before she felt the same way.

“I have a high respect for Stan. He is a man that is highly intelligent but also very kind to his employees. I feel privileged to have worked with him.”

What has the last 15 years looked like for Helen?

Helen has made a few personal and professional achievements in her time at Canny Group. Professionally she has completed her Graduate Diploma of Accounting and became a Chartered Accountant. She has also completed her Diploma of Financial Planning and become a SMSF Specialist. Add in the experience and you can understand why she is now our very own superstar!

Helen revealed that it was the financial advice and superannuation reforms that pushed her to consider becoming a financial planner.

In that time Helen also got engaged, planned and then married her best friend, John. Together they have since welcomed two gorgeous girls who are now both in school.

Working for a company that places an importances on family, is understanding and flexible is what Helen has always loved about the culture here at Canny Group.

The encouragement of professional development and innovation is also something Helen highly values. “I feel it is important as a professional to be up to date with legislation, so that I’m in the position to provide the best service to our clients.”

When asked about any particular highlights over the years, Helen tapped her chin before reeling off a list. Being there to celebrate the company milestone of 55 years was at the top.

So where to next? Helen is simply looking forward to getting to know the many new clients of Canny Group and making them see the benefits of providing advice that helps set them up for their future.

What tips does Helen have for our clients?

Superannuation is one of your most important assets, however it is often neglected. It is also one of the best tax structures available. It is your money and for most individuals, it is often your main source of income in retirement and can have a significant impact on your lifestyle requirements in retirement.

Therefore, it is important that you consider your superannuation NOW, before you reach retirement.