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Episode #15
15. 2020 WRAP UP!

2020 – WOW!  Is there really any other way to describe it!?  We touch on some of the most memorable moments in a positive light as well as how our clients pushed through COVID-19.  We also have some exciting news to share with everyone heading into 2021 with a new service arm being added under our roof!  Wishing everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and we can’t wait to spend 2021 with you.

Episode #14

From a long-time client, to a great friendship that has formed over the last 20 years between our Senior Business Adviser and Accountant, Adam Ramage and Considines Insurance Services Director, David Rice – there’s doesn’t seem to be much that these lads aren’t happy to talk about.  International Men’s Day is on November 19 2020, Adam and David chat about the personal touches that can make or break the relationships that you have formed on both personal and professional levels.  Taking into consideration the pandemic that has thrown 2020 into a spin this year, they touch on finding windows of opportunity to be able to check in on their clients and friends, in ways that they normally wouldn’t have felt that they could do before.  Once you open the door – your people; clients and friends, will know that they’re not alone and it’s OK to not be OK!

Episode #13

So we’re in spring (yay), everybody knows about spring cleaning your house – but why do you need to clean more than that?  So often personal and business affairs are only “spring cleaned” if you need something.  However, now is the perfect opportunity to take the time to speak to your most trusted advisors to help you spring clean!

Episode #12

Deśa Retreat is a unique offering of boutique accommodation in Jan Juc, on the beautiful Surf Coast of Victoria.  It is a place to unwind and connect with yourself, your loved ones and nature. Emma Flick shares with us how she is managing through Covid-19 and shares some of her toolkit of new and different resources which are life changing.

Episode #11

As we head into “lockdown 2.0” we are also the Government introducing round two of the JobKeeper Payments as well as some other Business Grants that are welcomed with open arms.  We go into depth on the eligibility of receiving these cash bonuses for your businesses as well as your employees.  As well, explaining how to take into consideration pivoting when it comes to your small business and some tips and tricks on working ON your business -VS- working in your business during this uncertain time.

Episode #10

When a lot of us think about retirement, we thing; retirement villages, a seniors discount card and the free courtesy buses into town – do we really need to plan for that?  The short answer is YES!  There are a lot of people out there that were planning on retiring in the next year and are now doubting their ability to (and whether it’s the right decision for them at all) because of the year 2020 has been so far.  We touch on the some of the most common questions that are asked every day.

Episode #9

As we’re creeping closer towards the end of another financial year, it can leave you with mixed emotions – especially considering everything that has already happened in 2020.  Everyone, including ourselves, had such high hopes and set some really kick-ass new year resolutions but there’s still time to make a difference.  We’re all guilty of getting to the end of the financial year and realising we’re going to have to pay tax but we have the answers for you.  From helping you reduce you tax bill as well as ways to help you get rid of old debt as well as what to do if you’re lucky enough to have money in the bank and the best things to do with it to help you in the long run.  We’re covering a lot of ground to help make tax planning for small businesses a breeze.

Episode #8

When it comes to cultivating resilience and adapting to change through this pandemic; COVID-19 the first person that came to mind was our beautiful client Jo Surkitt. As business owners ourselves, this episode is jam packed full of helpful tips on guiding your own business through the pandemic, but equally helpful for any individuals in their personal lives. Looking at mindset, excellent sleep practices, creating optimal health and why mindful movement is so important are just a few of the things we get to discuss in this episode.

Episode #7

What an incredible few weeks in the world, for individuals and businesses alike.  The sole purpose of this Chattable’s podcast episode is to try and make some sense of the government support packages released in the last week.  As well as who they apply to, and how much they may operate to deliver support in practice.  Canny Group Director, Amanda Wilkens is all over the stimulus packages and what they mean for everyone!

Episode #6

We sit down and have a chat with one of the most fitting women who came to mind to shine the light on this International Women’s Day – Fiona McPherson!  Chatting all things OKKI – which is a refined progression of her first brand, Oishi-M!

Episode #5

This episode we drill into the in’s and out’s of retirement living and aged care.  Touching on different options, the key differences between retirement villages and aged care facilities, different levels of ownership and how you can be prepared.  As well as who you need to be involved and who can be involved in the process are just a few things we’re touching on!

Episode #4

This episode is all about awesome people who are doing awesome things in Geelong… and instantly, our client Chris Balazs the man behind Provenir came to mind.  We discuss with Chris the background of Provenir and how it started as well as Chris’ professional background to the history of Geelong and what it is that keeps him here.  Not to mention what is next for Provenir and the amazing thoughtful meaning behind the QR code.

Episode #3

What you need to know about us… Canny Group!  Our history and celebrating turning 60 years old later next year, as well as our founder Stanley John Canny OAM servicing the Geelong region and reputation of strong and long-lasting client relationships and going above and beyond for clients.  Our second generation of Directors, our new visionary approach to professional services being different and how and why we are uniquely placed to provide advice and solutions that are integrated, comprehensive, complementary and connected.  As well as a special insight into our new online legal services that have just launched!

Episode #2

Featuring our very friendly, chatty and long standing [second generation] client, Andrew Draper who just returned from a long outback motorbike trip with mates, he is more than happy to share a few great stories of his travels.  As well as his outback adventures, Andrew discusses his business, some of the biggest challenges he has faces and what he loves about running his business.  Not to mention how long he has been with us and why he keeps coming back!

Episode #1

Our first podcast to grace the airways, Roxie Bennett chats to Stefan Manche about Estate Planning or as Stef prefer to call it, ‘Life Planning’.

Settle in and join us for a warm and enlightening discussion which covers the basics of estate planning, from wills and powers of attorney, to asset planning, superannuation, family agreements and business succession, and discover why estate planning is for everyone, all the time.