Welcome to our client testimonials.

Client testimonials are important to the team at Canny Group. While it’s always nice to hear what you’re doing right in the Geelong community. We are always looking to deliver on our commitment to our clients across all of our Accounting, Advisory and Legal services.

We want to make sure that the values of Canny Group are always in line with the needs and expectations of our clients. What better way to know than to ask our clients directly.

So don’t take our word for the commitment we make to our clients. This is what some of our valued clients had to say…

John Will what we are about

We love the staff at Canny Group. They are all very attentive, they have taken it upon themselves to know who we are, what we are about, and have customised their service accordingly.

John Will, Black Belt Studios
Russell Neil reliable and quick answers

I always feel like I am a major account, with plenty of time allocated to me when I need it, it’s great to be able to pick up the phone and get reliable and quick answers.

Russell Neil, Manufacturer's Agent
Leanne Maxwell Krys and Gab have been our saviours!

Our circumstances once Canny Group investigated were far more detrimental than we were ever aware of.  As it turned out the ATO had been trying to contact our prior accountant for 18 months to discuss our debt and not once had he returned their call.  The ATO were literally days away from closing us down and taking legal action.

Canny Group has always been upfront with us; they have restored our faith, our confidence and trust in accountants.  It has been a stressful twelve months, especially at the beginning, but having put the trust and faith in Canny Group, their honesty, returning of phone calls, answering of questions has made dealing with the stress all that much easier.

Leanne Maxwell, Two Tow Transport Pty Ltd